Allen Nguyen: During college, Dr. Allen Nguyen was still deciding on what career path to take. Allen's passion was to help people. Influentially, he studied Nursing but soon realized it was not for him. In Anatomy class, he ran into a picture of the human body that displayed nerves, joints, and other parts.


Since he was so intrigued, he asked his professor if there was a profession he could take that involved his interest. His teacher introduced him into Chiropractic. That was the moment Allen started his journey.


In 2006, Allen graduated with a Doctorate Degree from Parker College in Dallas. After a few years of learning from his mentors, he decided to open up his own practice.


Peter Duong: Dr. Duong’s philosophy is providing the most up to date treatments that provide the best results in the least amount of time possible. Helping patients gain relief from pain and educating them on how to prevent future injuries and dysfunction is his number one priority. Dr. Duong does not believe in unnecessary preset treatment plans. Every patient heals differently, so every treatment plan is unique for every patient. No pre-established contracts, no prepaid treatment plans. He treats the cause of your symptoms and gives you all the tools to you need to prevent future injuries. Dr. Duong’s success rate with compliant patients speaks for itself. At Functional Improvement Therapy, your health is all that matters.