Bobaddiction Logo.png

In 2012, Randy Hu, realized that there were no boba tea shops within his neighborhood that were authentic and high quality as he hungered for!


Randy grew up drinking boba tea, and every single weekend his cravings forced him to traverse 20-40 minutes through DFW to find a decent cup!


Thus, his Bodaddiction was in full bloom and he understood he needed a fix. Using his personal knowledge, his close nit Asian community and relatives back in Taiwan, he launched Bobaddiction in 2012 and he has not looked back.


Bobaddiction began with one food truck, then two food trucks, then a storefront (Deep Ellum), then merchandising and now we queue the scene to present day.


Bobaddiction is launching several additional storefronts along with venturing into franchising.  Randy's passion and vision are evident and ever increasing. His drive to make boba drinks a home name and an 'addiction' (in a good way) provide a stable base for the company's growth.


Bo·ba·ad·dic·tion (noun): the fact or condition of being addicted to chewy, sweet, tapioca balls found in flavored, fresh, fruit teas.