CHEF JON STEVENS was born in Mendocino, California and raised in San Francisco, California. He began his culinary career in San Francisco at the age of 19 working in his Uncle Phillip’s kitchen at the Canterbury Hotel. Almost immediately, Jon felt a strong passion for cooking and turned to his uncle for advice on how to turn his passion into a career. Rather than take the somewhat traditional route of culinary school, he advised Jon to pursue a business degree from San Francisco City College while simultaneously tapping into the vast wealth of culinary expertise in the area.He spent the next seven years as a line cook at Mecca, Jardinière, and The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton. At the end of 2000, Jon decided to make a move to Dallas and join Chris Ward at The Mercury as his Chef De Cuisine. In 2005, Jon was offered and accepted the position of Executive Chef with Dutch based Supperclub, which also meant a return to his native California. The desire to focus on a smaller restaurant environment brought Jon back to Dallas two short years later. He held the Executive Chef position at Mignon in Plano for three years.After a successful partnership of the opening of Nosh in 2010, Jon was ready to pursue his lifelong dream of owning his own restaurant. That dream came to fruition in May 2014 with the opening of Stock & Barrel, an American wood fired grill located in the bustling Bishop Arts District.