The Pha-aek food truck is an extension of SXSE Food Co and serves Laotian inspired dishes very unique to the DFW  and Austin landscape. Our mission is to elevate and tell the story of Laotian cuisine that’s not known to many but always leaves a long lasting and satisfying impression on those who have tried it. The story of Pha-aek started in the refugee camp of Nongkhai, Thailand. As the youngest of four siblings, I was the only one not born in Laos due to the political climate at the time. Taking a chance to escape the region, a young mother of 3 whom was also pregnant with me at the time, along with my father and several other family members took the dangerous journey to cross the Mekong River to seek refuge from the violent communist regime that was taking hold of Laos. During her time in the refugee camp my mother was listening to a Thai radio soap opera and fell in love with the leading character’s voice. His name was Phatsavinh and my mother at the time decreed that if the unborn child she was carrying turned out to be a boy then she would name him after this character, the hero and leading man on the radio. To pay homage to my mother, whom taught me most of my culinary skills at a young age, I decided to name the food truck "Pha-aek".  So here we are in 2018 looking to start our journey, looking to share our story told in each dish that we create. Being raised Asian-American we had the unique opportunity to be raised in two different cultures simultaneously and our food reflects that. It’s hard not to enjoy Mexican food and BBQ when growing up in Texas but we were also lucky to come home to some of the best Laotian cuisine mom could dish out. Below is a little play on our name and summation of what we’re about.


SXSE Food Co

noun | \ˈsek-sē • ˈfüd •ˈkō\

A blend of southern American and Southeast Asian flavors and cooking techniques resulting in

a uniquely familiar yet modernized product while staying true to its traditional origins.