Patrick has been a longtime fried chicken wing connoisseur. Any chance he got, he would try wings, whether it was at a restaurant, food stand, or someone else's cooking. But he noticed one thing all these places had in common. The chicken itself lacked flavor once you got past the skin, batter, or the sauce on top. He felt that every bite should be full of flavor!


So Patrick set out on a mission and his goal was to make a wing that didn't need to be covered in sauce and didn't need any kind of dipping sauce. He wanted to create a wing that was still full of flavor once you bit past the outer layer of the skin and batter.


In late 2018, Patrick decided to give it a shot. While not wanting to take all the risks of opening a brick and mortar or food truck, he decided he would open the business as a catering service. This way he could see what the demand would be and if there was enough then a brick and mortar might be considered. But if not, that's ok too because there would still be the catering service. And that's how the name Wingin' It came about!


Wingin' It's signature flavor is The Original. These wings marinate for 36 hours so that it has time to absorb all the flavors. The process for frying is tedious but yields the best results possible. It allows the batter to fry crispier and still contain as much flavor as possible! Their other popular flavors are curry and spicy. The curry season is a house blended seasoning giving it a little bit of a kick and that exotic curry flavor. The spicy season is a Sriracha based with other complimentary spices. The Sriracha is baked for several hours until dried and turned into a powder. Both flavors compliment The Original flavor and retains all the same flavor within the meat!